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Membership Renewal Form: 2013

Membership in the Society operates on a calendar-year basis. This means members must renew their membership every January for the new calendar year. You may renew your Society membership (or apply for a new membership) by mail, fax, or online. To join or renew by mail, please print this form, complete it, and mail it with your payment to our office. To join or renew by fax, print this form, complete it and fax the form with your credit card information to our office. To join or renew and pay online, CLICK HERE.

Shakespeare Oxford Society
P.O. Box 808
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598-0808
Phone: 914-962-1717
Fax: 914-245-9713

Membership Categories:
• Basic and Student Memberships include a subscription to the Shakespeare Oxford Newsletter and eligibility to vote at the Annual General Meeting.
• Regular Membership also includes a subscription to the Society’s annual research journal The Oxfordian.
• Family Membership is a Regular Membership for two individuals at the same address, both of whom are eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting.
• Sponsor, Contributor, Patron, and Benefactor Memberships are contributory memberships that can include an additional Family member residing at the same address and a one-year subscription as a gift to a library of your choice, as well as a charitable donation to the Society.
Note: All members in good standing are eligible to run for election to serve as members of the Board of Trustees.

Membership Form:
To join the Society or renew your membership by mail or fax, please print this page, fill out the appropriate information and mail or fax the completed membership form with your payment to our office at the address shown above. If you have any questions about membership or about an application already sent to us, send your mail or email to the attention of Joan Leon using the SOS email or mailing address.
City:__________________________ State:_______ ZIP:________________________
Email Address: **____________________________________________________________
** Please provide us with your email address, as we hope to be able to provide members the option of receiving future Newsletters electronically.

Membership Category (Check one):
_____Basic ($50.00 US/Canada; $65.00 foreign)
_____Regular ($65.00 US/Canada; $80.00 foreign)
_____Family ($100.00 US/Canada; $115.00 foreign)
Name of Additional Family Member:
_____Student (Regular) ($30.00 US/Canada; $45.00 foreign)
School of student:
_____Sponsor ($125.00 US/Canada; $140.00 foreign) *
_____Contributor ($250 US/Canada/foreign) *
_____Patron ($500 US/Canada/foreign) *
_____Benefactor ($1000+ US/Canada/foreign) *
Name and Address of Library:
_____Special Recruit-A-Member Program (Basic Membership) – Half-price ($25.00) for first year (click for Details)
_____Special Recruit-A-Member Program (Student Membership) – Half-price ($15.00) for first year (click for Details)
* includes a charitable donation for the amount paid in excess of the Regular Membership price of $65.00

Payment enclosed – US Dollars only please (Check one):
Check:_____ Money Order:_____
Credit Card: American Express:_____ MasterCard:_____ Visa:_____
Name (as it appears on card):_________________________________________
Card number:___________________________ Exp. date:_________________

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