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The Shakespeare Oxford Society Book Sale

The Shakespeare Oxford Society has donated a portion of its library to the University of Mississippi in honor of Gertrude C. Ford, a former member and benefactor of the Society.

Because of the continuing expense of storing and maintaining the library, and because it is not being used by scholars, the Society is offering the remaining books for sale to its members.

Beginning on November 1, 2013 at 12 Noon EDT and continuing for the months of November and December, books on the list may be purchased by members of the Society for the prices posted (a link to the list is at the bottom of this page). Thereafter, they will be offered to a wider audience (note that the booklist is published as a PDF file and requires Adobe Reader or another PDF reader in order to view the file).

Prices include any sales tax due. Books are sold “as is,” and all sales are final. Books in less than good condition are so described. In the list below, “hc” stands for hard cover, “pb” for paperback. All books are hard cover, unless otherwise indicated.

SOS members may send an e-mail to the Shakespeare-Oxford Society office listing the title, author and tag number of the books they wish to buy (do not forget to include the Tag# in your order). Members must also include in the email the complete address to which the book (s) should be sent. The Society office will reply with the total cost of the ordered books that are still available. Requests will be filled in the order they are received.

When a member has received notice from the SOS office that the book (s) requested are available, a check or money order must be mailed to 3481 Wildwood Street, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598. When the check or money order is received by the SOS office, the books will be shipped by media mail.

Shipping costs will be added, per order, according to the following schedule: 1–2 books, $3.; 3–4 books, $5.; 5–6 books, $7.; 7–8 books, $8.

Payments to the Society for books are not considered charitable donations, but any money received will better enable the Society to accomplish its mission of “exploring the Shakespeare authorship question and researching the evidence that Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford is the true author of the poems and plays of ‘William Shakespeare.’”

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