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Publication Agreement and Assignment of Copyright

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In order to ensure both the widest distribution and protection of material published in the Shakespeare Oxford Newsletter and Oxfordian, we ask authors to assign the rights of copyright in the works they contribute. In consideration of the publication of your Article, you agree to the following:

You hereby assign to the Shakespeare Oxford Society, (hereafter, ‘Publisher’), the copyright in the work named above for the full period of copyright as well as extensions and renewals of the term thereof. The Publisher is hereby authorized: (1) to publish the article in the SOS Newsletter and distribute it within the Newsletter, on its own, or with other related material; (2) to reproduce, publish, distribute and/or display the article (including abstracts) throughout the world in printed, electronic or any other medium whether now known or hereafter devised; (3) to grant permission for photocopying or electronic copying of the article; and (4) to republish and give to third parties permission to republish and display the article or parts thereof in any medium including without limitation in printed form, microfilm, database, CD-ROM, and other forms of electronic publications and/or transmission, now known or hereinafter invented. The Publisher will grant any reasonable request in writing submitted by the author for permission to republish part or all of the work conditioned on an acknowledgment of the first publication in the SOS Newsletter.

Both as a professional courtesy and in recognition of contemporary needs of authors/researchers and users, copyright assignment is limited to the extent that you retain the following rights: (1) to distribute the article or any part thereof for use in your own research activities and oral presentations; (2) to publish the article, or permit it to be published, as part of any book you may write, or in any anthology of which you are an editor, in which the article is included or which expands or elaborates on the article, provided a full acknowledgment and citation is given to the prior publication in the SOS Newsletter or Oxfordian; (3) to post the article on your website or republish elsewhere after one year from when it was published in the SOS Newsletter or Oxfordian with acknowledgment and citation to the Newsletter or Oxfordian as the original source of publication. As a condition for retaining these rights, you agree that the Publisher and the Newsletter/Oxfordian will be given first publication credit when such distribution or publication occurs.

By signing this agreement, you confirm that the article is your original work, has not previously been published electronically or in print and that it is not currently under consideration by another periodical and/or publisher. You also confirm that you have exercised reasonable care to ensure that the work is accurate, free of plagiarism, does not contain libelous or obscene material, and does not infringe on anyone’s copyright, right of privacy, or other rights.

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