About Us

Call me Eric. I am a Californian resident with a deep passion for poetry and drama. Together with Tina, my girlfriend, we made this site. Reading a Shakespearean play or poem is my cup of tea. I consider myself fortunate to have explored his work in greater depth during my undergraduate and graduate days.

There are claims that someone other than Shakespeare might have written the works attributed to him. The arguments are not new, and the debate has heated up and cooled over time.

The Oxfordian theory, which alleges that Edward de Vere is the author of Shakespearean works, is the most popular of all the theories disputing Shakespeare’s authorship. In fact, there is a sizable community of people that believes that Edward de Vere is the author of Shakespeare’s works. I don’t.

Even so, I am open to arguments on the manner in which Shakespeare’s works came to be. So, you are welcome to argue your case in support of either standpoint on this site. In fact, I will gladly let other readers see your thoughts on this site. Just send us an email at tinawhite77@gmx.us and we’ll see to it that your contribution helps advance this debate.

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